Satisfied?! Be certain.

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So after listening (reading the words more than likely. I know.) to this beautifully written song by my FAVORITE song writer of all time ~~ JEWEL ~~ the water that sometimes fills up in my eyes and then gains weight in the process so that gravity pulls them down my cheeks…left me with such a “yes. 100% yes!” feeling. I mean, I have always been “that person” who will just say it. My motto has always been:
*if you wanna know…ask.
*if you feel it…say it.
*if you love him/her…tell him/her.
And I live by that. No brainer that this motto is not always liked/accepted/or approved. And believe me, I have tweaked and tweaked my approach over the years as to not be so “in your face” when delivering truth, feelings, opinions, or advice. I usually will ask this question…
“Do you really want to know what I think? or what I would do? or what my advice is?” as to give the questioner another moment to think about this. ANYhoo…
I immediately thought of my sweet dad upon absorbing this song the other day. I DID. I said it. I meant it. I laid it on the line and looked him in the eye. He felt it. And it was in time. I made those moments count.
And this my dear sister friends…is my pass along of Jewel’s phenomenal words of wisdom.

Do not wait.
Do not waste moments of precious time.
Do not take for granted “tomorrow I will.”

Forgive. Reach out. Talk. Hug. Laugh. Cry. Call. Lie beside. Take a trip. Send the card. Ask for forgiveness. So that when your day is over…”that feeling inside, that’s called satisfied” will be your lullaby and goodnight.

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