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Driving today to do some very routine practices in my life, I looked up and saw this. And of course…it got me thinking.

Life on earth -for me as a soul longing to be like her Savior- is just like this picture. So many of my days are cloudy and dark and gloomy and scary even. As I am traveling along with my suitcase full of “desire to be like Jesus” and my “want to to do good” and of course my “striving to get close and closer to my God” I find it so easy to be distracted by the evil one. With all his “this person is SO mean to me” and “why am I hurting” and “gah I am so hated” devices he uses -every.single.day- my happy journey to heaven is regularly interrupted with the dark and cloudy and gloomy and scary distractions. It is easy to focus on that. And to totally miss what is so evident…

Just like in the picture.

That sliver of hope. That beautiful and perfect “over there” where clarity exists and nothing scary can live. And it’s just right there. I want to get there. When I see it, instead of just look at the message and totally miss it, I am SO motivated to pick up my suitcase full of Jesus and walk with my head high and my heart full of the promises He gives me that I can do this. I can make it. The journey is gonna have its dark and gloomy and cloudy and scary days…
But oh that “over there!” That place. Perfection and clarity and peace for eternity awaits me. And it’s just that little sliver He gives me -what a blessing right?!- is just enough for me to KNOW that I am loved. And awaited.

Pack your suitcase and take a walk with me sisters. Let us gather together on this narrow path and serve our God together in the capacity in which we are allotted. Let us hold hands and give each other strength and courage and a friendship of Christ magnitude as we see our home with Him…just over there.

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