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First order of business ladies:
Repeat after me…
“I, ___________, am a loved daughter of my Father — the Creator and Sustainer of life. My soul rests in knowing He holds my today, tomorrow, and eternity. I vow today to keep my eyes fixed on these promises. When satan tries to distract my eyes, my heart, my time, my motivation, my desire for my husband – my children – my home – and most importantly my faith – I will NOT be moved. I will not be shaken. I will press on! I will love my husband even when I feel it isn’t returned in the same way given. I will be his helper in training our children to love their Lord. I will love my home and be motivated to keep it /or make it for the first time/ a safe and warm and loving refuge for my family! I will pray daily, even minutely, for strength and courage and fuel to keep on keeping on! And when I feel that my soul is weary and worn…I will seek out help and advice and a shoulder/hand/prayer from my sister in Christ. God gave me these blessings and I will live my life set on being selfless for them, and yet knowing that God promises reward not only eternally but here as well in that our husbands will rise up and praise us and our children will rise up and call us blessed! Those are promises. And I stand on His promises!”

Now…don’t you feel better?! Motivated even?! Ready to take on this month ~~day by day or even minute by minute~~ driven by this network of sisters God has provided for you?!
So. For the remainder of the week…lets do this:
•each of us ~daily~ in our prayers utter words of courage, strength, and endurance for each of our sisters. And stars in heaven…don’t forget YOUrself!
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