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In her book “The Resolution for Women,” Priscilla Shirer writes

“If you and I take the time to zero in on our unique, divinely given set of ‘whatever you do’ qualities and then commit to bring them wholeheartedly to the tasks the Lord has given us, He will help us not only accomplish those task sufficiently but also in a way that brings Him glory. Trying to do what someone else has been commissioned to do will not honor God, no matter how well we try to do it.”

I am praying over and reading this book with a dear close sister of mine and when we got to the section “My Best” we had both, unknowingly of the other, underlined this sentiment. So when we met that week, we talked about the question
“Am I doing this?”

Am I zeroing in what I have been commanded to be doing?
Am I wholeheartedly committed to my tasks for the Lord?
Am I focused on bringing God the glory or myself?
Am I even interested in what He wants OR is it really about doing it my way?
Am I pleasing Him or myself?
Am I willing to submit to Him and His word?
Am I selfLESS enough to accept the simplicity of His role for me?
Am I prideful in my life?
Am I honoring my husband in my life?
Am I growing and learning or staying comfortable?
Am I willing to change my way(s) of thinking to humble myself in Him?
Am I blinded by pride?

These are tough questions sisters. Only you know your answers. Your heart. My answers were shameful and embarrassing to admit…
I am selfish.
I am prideful.
At least, I have been.

Looking at a sister and revealing deep rooted truths about yourself is challenging…its naked feeling…its handing her the glasses to see the real you. The real you who you work so hard to keep hidden from
Your husband.
Your family.
Your congregation.
Your friends.
Your parents.
Your neighbors.
Because SHE is selfish and prideful to the core. She does what she does to be praised, respected, revered as a “good Christian woman,” glorified. Her image is so important. How she is accepted among her groups controls her actions. If group A is going thing B, then she will be doing thing B as well. If group C is going thing D, then mark it down that she will as well. She MAY even be the leader of these groups and therefore her followers will be mimicking her. Following her.
But. What happens when she decides that God is Who she will follow, and not another woman or a group she is a member of?
The “Am I”‘s become the “I will”‘s.

I WILL zero in on what God requires of me.
I WILL wholeheartedly work for Him.
I WILL focus on His glory, not mine.
I WILL be interested in His ways.
I WILL please Him.
I WILL submit to Him.
I WILL be selfless in accepting the roles HE gave me.
I WILL let my pride die.
I WILL honor my husband.
I WILL grow.

And when obeying the Lord becomes her focus instead of the acceptance of people, her life -her heart- her thinking- her focus- her ways- her everything will change. Others will view these changes as “sad” and “confused” and “out of the Lord’s presence” and that is to be expected. When ways are changed, there will always be results of questions/judgment/condemnation/and comparison. Here’s a question for her to ask herself when those results arise:

“Am I in love with God and His commands OR is being accepted by my groups what truly matters?”

Whatever that answer is…
Is up to her.

I, and my sister, are resolving to be women in love with God. We are resolving to accept the simplicity of His word and committing ourselves to submitting to the roles He has ordained for us. We resolve to pray for our husbands daily to be the spiritual leaders of our homes, to be husbands who love their wives just as Christ loves His saved. We resolve to pray over and for our children and their souls to maintain their humility and develop a deep true love for their God which will result in being directed by Him. We resolve to be women diligently working on our hearts, our thinking, our desires so that they revolve around being reflective of Christ’s character. We resolve to strip away worldly expectations of us and accept that being Godly women will result in isolation from and judgment of others we love.

Encouraging one another in being a woman of the Lord is a role that I am thankful Mrs. Shirer is accepting. I am thankful for her sharing with me in things relative to my marriage, my children, my service, my time, my heart. And I am humbly grateful to be able to share the same with my sister…and all of you reading.
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  1. I want to be a doer…not just a heater of His sweet and beautiful word. Your sisterhood means so much to me and I am thankful for your courage and faithfulness. #morethanwords

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