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Right: a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.
“she had every right to be angry”
entitlement, prerogative, privilege, advantage, due, birthright, liberty, authority, power, license, permission, dispensation, leave, sanction, freedom;

What are my rights as a Christian woman?

Since the early 1900’s, the world has been in a mass conflict over what “rights” women should naturally have as citizens of The United States. To list some -and i’m certain these aren’t all of the “issues of protest”- :
•working outside the homes
•equal pay for equal work
•owning property
•being issued loans
•to be viewed, treated, and accepted just as any man
•basically…the right to choose any “thing”

Now while i’m fairly certain as well that every single protest/rally/convention has not been composed of true God fearing and obeying women, I will safely assume that some have been held with women whom have at some point accepted the teachings and commands of Jesus.
Which for me…is THE actual issue at hand.

Do I appreciate my life in 2017? In the USA? In the perfect little small town of Belgreen? With a God fearing husband whom values and respects the commands and ordinances of his Father?
And more than anything yes.
So do I know the true physical struggles that others face in other areas of the world with other “types” of men? No. I do not. And now that that recognition is out of the way…on to the main 2 points of my writing.
1. As a soul -living inside a woman oriented vessel- I have submitted my own will (at a much later date than my baptism btw) and that MEANS more than a reserved for me seat on a church pew and Sunday ritual of showing up and then showing out. Let me interject that I do understand the purpose and value in those of like faith gathering together and the commanding God did for this…but I also see the twisted and robotic fashion in which this is carried out MOST everywhere. Not all – most. Returning to the point … one “thing” I have come to understand about being a woman of faith is my responsibility of living as one. Which coming from a place of years of serving myself and my own ego has been a challenge in itself. Submitting my life to the Savior of the world MEANS seeking/praying/obeying His will for me as a soul -living inside a woman oriented vessel- in His kingdom. And while that is as deep as it is wide, I am zoning in on the influence my life has on others. How do I present myself? How do I respect -or disrespect- my marriage? How do I parent? How do I treat others? How do I choose my hobbies? How do I show to the itty bitty portion of the world around me that I seek/pray/obey Gods will in my life? See, these are the decisions I make. The CHOICE I had to make was do I want to obey or do I not want to obey. And then after I made the CHOICE to obey…my rights surrendered into His commands. So when the questions arise like “how do I present myself?” and the others above, the answers don’t come from the world or myself. THE CHOICE I made to surrender then demands every decision to be made based on what He says. And what does He say about the presentation of a Godly woman? Loud? Obnoxious? Half naked? Glorified? How about a Godly woman in her marriage? First? The head? The provider? The decision making authority? Degrading? How about a Godly mother? How about a Godly woman servant of others? How about a Godly woman’s activities? See the pattern. The choice I made to become a daughter of God instead of a daughter of the world’s prince of deception -satan- means that my choices reflect His commands. Not mine. Not the worlds. My “right to choose” came at the moment of choosing to be His or to not be. And since I choose to be a daughter of the Most High…my choices in all aspects should reflect just that.
2. Believe me when I say that I KNOW what it is to be an independent, strong willed, capable, intelligent, goal oriented, very driven woman. I’ve been her. I’ve done the college days of semester hours worth of women in history and politics. I know the pleasures of being single and “powerful” and knowing how to use my appeal for my benefit. I know desire for respect and focus on career. So i’m not coming from a place of “you don’t know because you’ve never been there!” I’ve been in both positions and on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to choosing my dreams/goals/satisfaction and choosing to submit to God. And I just do not see where it is possible to mix the 2 and be pleasing to Him. I see where I can please myself and give Him a little of what’s left over -claiming to be “love Jesus” while fulfilling everything I want in life. So IF I am going to be a woman in Gods kingdom…do I get to choose limits on that? Do I get to say “I want a little Jesus and a little of my own way!”? Do I get to proclaim “my life is for Your work Lord” and then live/scream/protest that it’s my life and I can do whatever I want with it? That I have rights?! See what I see from the praying/seeking I talked about earlier is that Gods design was not for men and women to be the same…in their physical bodies/nature/roles. The value of our souls is the same. But what God intended for us is not. We are not equals. We each have purposes. We each have roles. We each have capabilities -some of which God did not give the other- that make us distinctly different. How many protests or marches have you known where men are holding signs that read “I demand to give birth!!” or “Aunt Flow better come see me!!!” or “I have breasts too so why can’t I feed my baby??!!” or “Men deserve equal pay for equal work!!” or “I should be allowed to be a stay at home mother!!” I’m NOT saying men have not/do not wish they could do the things women can do, because I’m certain some have/do…but can we just admit that instead of fighting and arguing and griping and protesting and screaming and degrading ourselves over what we WANT we would be better -and truer- servants of God IF we accepted His design and purposes and roles for us as women?! And men?!

So instead of becoming involved in a back and forth argument -which is usually composed of my thoughts/opinions vs your thoughts/opinions and gets no where- or protesting or marching or begging for “rights” which as Christians we simply just do not possess…
Why don’t we all just simply humble ourselves to accept Gods design. Why don’t we stop trying to align Him with us and align our lives to His will? Why don’t we search MORE for truth and less for evidence of why we’re “right”? Why don’t we understand that His way is so much better than any way we can come up with that -if we can’t already conclude- completely turns into chaotic mess?

I read an article today about “why I didn’t march” … a mom wrote to her baby girl. And of course it got me to thinking. My daughter is 15. My only daughter. What I pray for my life to reflect to her is less about what I THINK I have a right to do or what is fair and MORE of submission to what God says for me to accept as His will.

I can’t think of any right-er way to live for her.

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