The 4 word prayer

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These 4 words…easily spoken, easily thrown around, and easily “accepted” by every soul professing Christ.
Allow your minds to think about this sisters:

To offer -with body, mind, heart, and spirit- the ONLY thing that is truly yours (your will) to Him so that His will unfolds for your life is submission. It is powerful. It is life changing. It is hard. And so so worth it.
Sisters, let me nor anyone else ever fool you…uttering these 4 words to your Father -and accepting what comes next- will absolutely be nothing like you been taught. Let me explain…

When I see Jesus in the garden and He’s face down praying for another way for people to be saved (which was Gods will)..seeing and knowing the pain it would cause HIM (and He wanted there to be a another way-His own will)…He uttered these 4 words. From His heart. I imagine the trust He had in His Father was immeasurable and from THAT moment until His dying breath … He gained nothing physically. He didn’t blend in. He wasn’t compromising a little tiny bit so that people would accept Him. He didn’t do one single thing that benefitted Him physically. He wasn’t respected. He wasn’t defended. He wasn’t loved. He didn’t change The Plan for Him in any way that was “good” for Him. He had no pride. He didn’t SAY the 4 words and then LIVE His own way. He 100% accepted what that will was…
For Him to suffer. For Him to be withdrawn from. For Him to be ridiculed and mocked and condemned by “religious” people. For Him to be lied about. For His body to be beaten and His face spit on. For His friends to no longer know Him. For Him to suffer ALL of this for … me. And you.
But is that what we have been taught? Or have we fallen victim to a society of 12,693 religious teachings that sell a happy and comfortable and physical blessings and acceptance when one submits to God? Have we believed and accepted the worlds version of submission instead of the example that His Son laid out for us? Do we know what it means to truly love our husbands and our children? Do we even recognize what service is? What about modesty? Or purity? Self control? Are our minds set of being and doing and fulfilling the role of being taught by older women and teaching the younger women good things? Have we even considered what a gentle and quiet spirit is and why our Father is pleased with His daughters when this is characterized in their lives?

Do we know what we are saying when we utter “Thy will be done” ?

We as women in the kingdom are commanded to imitate the submissive character of Jesus. The Holy Spirit delivers the message to us that we as wives have a very powerful responsibility in living our lives showing our obedience by submitting to our husbands. The power in that is that he may be won to the Lord by this…we do not even have to say a word. Our conduct is observed and when that behavior is exhibited because of our desire to be like Jesus…the power that that has is it can save the soul of our husbands.

Jesus suffered for praying “Thy will be done” and then getting up and LIVING out that will. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t praised. It wasn’t accepted. It wasn’t about Him. It WAS hard, and lonely, and scary, and judged, and weird, and so so different than anything else those people had ever witnessed. So. IF you, my sweet sisters, offer this same 4 word prayer from your soul and mean it…

Will your life be any different than Jesus’?
Know your purpose. Accept His will. Be a soul who loves and appreciates and values its womanly exterior and LIVE a life of submission to His will just as Jesus did…live a life of purity and kindness and love and mercy and service -especially when you aren’t praised and loved and admired for it- because in doing this, you live the life that Jesus lived when He defined submission. And for that short time frame -in the grand scheme of time- He suffered. BUT His eyes were fixed and His soul trusted and His faith was never stronger that the PROMISE His Father had made Him was just beyond that suffering. He knew that by living this submitted life to His will was going to save every soul who accepts Him and follows Him. He knew it was worth it. He knew that place of rest and reward was just beyond the lying, mocking, doubting, beating, and nailing to His cross. It is for us as well sisters.

So my advice, based on the last 3 years of life experiences -physically- is this: do not utter this 4 word prayer if you do not mean it. And if you do mean it, find and rely on your sisters who have submitted their wills as well to His and find strength renewal and a source of uplifting to continue in the short while you must suffer for being obedient. There will be people and times when you are praised…my husband admires and encourages and respects my willingness to surrender my will to what Gods will is for me but I have women who hate me for the same. Our calling is to set the example of Jesus in which God has commanded us -no more no less- and our obedience to that calling is noticed. It is observed.
And it is powerful.

And you are not alone in your submission.

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