There’s this song…so good. Listen and share today.

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It was a normal Sunday morning, our souls were together at the throne of God worshipping His Awesomeness, remembering our Savior’s sacrifice of His sinless Body and His pure blood, and afterwards I began to cry. This happens very often when in clear and uninterrupted thought about THAT. I was thinking of “What a Friend we have in Jesus.” When He vowed to be that Friend for me, He has YET to “withdraw” that promise. He knows the true and deep and real meaning of being a friend. So I began to think of what “kind” of friend I am…

I immediately realized my flaws. My wrongs. My downfalls and mistakes and let downs that I have disappointed so many with in my lifetime dominated my mind…for just a few seconds. Then I hear my phone ding the sound of a text message and having sick parents, I instantly think “if I don’t check it, it could be them.” So I walk into the bedroom, pick up my phone, it wasn’t my parents. It was a sister. A sister who has continually edified me. Not always in agreement, not always in a patting on the shoulder, never in a judgmental way, but always with a spirit of love and friendship…ever willing to learn and seek and pray together with me. And there is this link to Youtube in the text. No words, just the link. Before I can click on the link, the next message comes in…”my Tressa song.”

I KNEW I would be embarrassingly boo-hooing within moments…

I curiously opened the link and began to listen…it was the video type with the lyrics on the screen…and by the end of the first verse…I’m in tears. Like, uncontrollable sobbing. The kind that you always hope NOBODY is seeing you like this because you look like a complete idiot…yeah, that kind. This sister was simply wanting me to know that she loves me and that she is so thankful for our friendship, in her very “unsappy” way cause we just don’t do sappy together well. We had rather send each other a “you’re weird…I like it.” type text. She had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that moments before while worshipping our God, I was dwelling on His friendship and self reflecting at my own friend ability…the good and the bad in me. She had no way of knowing that I had been questioning if I were the person that someone could say “I have a friend in her.” NO WAY for her to know how alone (physically) I had been feeling. It was impossible for her to be aware that I was in doubt and analyzing every single aspect of me and my love for my friends…and what that even really means. I mean, Jesus is my friend and He proved that by living His life to teach about my role of being submissive, and obedient, and good, and selfless, and trusting, and forgiving, and in service to others. He loved me enough to tell me exactly how to please our Father. He died for me. He. died. for. me. He rose for me. He. rose. for. me. See reason for the massive tear parade?!
When comparing THAT to what I bring to the table for my friends…I’m an epic failure. And I realized that in order to truly be a friend for my friends, I would have to be more willing to empty myself of my own ideas and wants and desires for my character in my friendships. I would have to be selfless. I would have to do more for them than I would myself. I would have to be willing to do what He says…not just for my own soul, but more importantly for the impact on others. I would need to be willing to live the life He commands and die in faithfulness.
I want to be THAT friend. I want to live for others. I want to love the way He loves. I want my present friends, friends I have previously had who may not still be a presence in my life, and future friends out there to know – to believe – to be confident in – that I am a friend to them.

So, was the text a coincidence? I do NOT believe in such…I am a believer in perfect timing. I am confident that God is a giver of perfect gifts and answers and confirmations…in HIS time. I am confident that text, with that song, and with that following caption, was for a purpose. Not for the “oh yeah, I’ve got this thing down and I don’t need to make any corrections because I clearly, according to sister X, have this whole friend thing down pat” purpose…but the absolute reassurance that there is a soul -a sister soul -a friend- I have made an impression on. She is thankful for my heart, for my honesty, for my willingness to refine, for my desire to seek the Lord, for my want to to teach her about loving her husband…her children…and how being a woman is a beautiful and precious and special thing in His kingdom. She is willing to be challenged to think. She can receive correction in a mature and respectful way KNOWING it is coming from a mature and respectful place. She does not judge. She listens. She is factual and never allows the influence of another’s thinking to sway her own. She’s steadfast. She’s confident in God’s love for her. She is willing and eager to teach me about things too. She is a poster woman for forgiveness and patience and understands that THIS is how God deals with her and her sins/imperfections. So…for her to think of me in this way…and to let me know this at THIS moment in time…without knowing how badly I was feeling…was moving. Heart swelling. Humbling. Warming. Reassuring. It made my eyes cry tears of JOY and my emotions be overwhelmed with thankfulness. It was perfect.

I shared it that day. I forwarded it to bless others with the blessing I had received. I am posting this for that same purpose. Listen and text the Youtube link to your friend. Your best friend. Your mother. Your daughter. Your sister. A woman who may need to be uplifted. A friend who recently rescued you. A friend you haven’t spoken to in a while…for whatever reason. A friend who may not know how much you appreciate her. Just share it. Be a blessing.
Might wanna put those little warning light emojis before sending the link…just to give her a head’s up. You know, like in case she is about to go in the grocery store. Shew, please don’t catch her off guard with this cause if she has a heart…it’s gonna make her hit her knees. And if she’s wearing mascara…in public…oh dear love. Be a blessing who warns and prepares. Lol

“I don’t doubt
God is with me in the valley
But I believe
He gave me you
To remind me
The face of love
An answered prayer
The hands of God
With me right here” … be this blessing.