Sunrises-Sunsets…my favorites

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My children…whether biological or ones I did not actually birth…know that I am IN LOVE with the sky. I will stop my car on I65 in Birmingham traffic to soak in and photograph a sunset. I will risk being pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving to take and send a photo text of a morning sunrise. I’m an addict to God’s artistic abilities. I have people far and wide who will text me a “go outside and look” and it NEVER fails to completely take my breath away. At my funeral, I’m positive you will hear “man, she sure did love the sky didn’t she?” I tell my babies that’s one thing they will always remember about me and when I’m gone the sky will remind them of me. I will share and share and share these photos with you all so that maybe in them you can see the evidence of His love and worth. He is so good to share…I want to do the same :)

Scout: “Mom have you looked outside?”
Me: “Yes baby I have.” thinking he’s asking if I know it’s raining.
Scout: “Isn’t it so pretty?!”
Then I realize he MUST be talking about the sunrise…and he goes outside on our porch and captures THIS for me. Man I love him.



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Maybe one day TJ, Autumn, and Scout will be asked “what do you think about your wife/mother?” and in their own loving and sarcastic manner (heavily influenced I might add) they will give an answer which is “blessed” and “praise” worthy.

becoming titus women

So what is this?

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“What do You want me to do?” was a question I asked out loud (sounds silly right because a Christian of 26 years is supposed to know already right?! lol) to my sweet heavenly Father. I’m sure He was looking down at me thinking… “bless it.” How had I overlooked – or avoided is more accurate – what He has already told me to be busy doing? Why was I so dedicated to a whole bunch of mess that had no real meaning or value? I quickly found (in His Word…ironic huh? haha) exactly what He wants me to do. “older women…admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed.” Titus 2:3-5 NKJV. The first two words I just typed BLEW ME AWAY…what? wait…WHEN DID I BECOME THE OLDER WOMAN?! I was enjoying the teaching I was receiving from other women and never self reflecting and asking “what can I do for others?”
So…here I am. Here “His Wife Their Mother” is. My desire is to fulfill The Lord’s commands for me because He is so worthy of my obedience. I know obedience is how I show/prove to Him that I love Him.
The goal/aim/purpose for this blog is to share some real and raw and positive and encouraging writings/articles/links/photos/quotes to women in being “His Wife…Their Mother.” God designed these beautiful and special roles for us and it’s important we embrace and fulfill them in His way.

Patience is the first requirement. I’m a blog infant. I actually know squat and am having to be held by the hand and walked through this entire thing. Bless it. lol


Meet us

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Here we are. The Bragswag bunch: Autumn Daye (may be referred to as “Punkin” “PunkinPie” or “Louise”, momma, my TJ – and for the record we patented the term “baeee (pronounced to us bah-E) like years ago kids- , and Scout Walker (aka Lester Dean)!
Our family motto – from the advice of a wise gospel preacher years ago – is: “We are the Bragwell’s and we belong to God!” HE gets upset at us at times…but loves us ALL the time.

It’s nice to meet you :)